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Remote technical assistance with Augmented Reality

Real-time connection to simplify your company’s tasks and reduce time and costs.

Remote Assistance

The world's most user-friendly remote support platform

Reduce downtime due to breakdowns

Allows direct and immediate connection with a technician to solve problems and resume work in the shortest time.

Avoid unnecessary trips

It reduces the costs and time wasted by technicians traveling to solve malfunctions.

Increase productivity with hands-on training

Offer detailed and practical training to your employees directly on the job, without having to travel.

Simplicity and ease of use

As simple as putting on the glasses to receive directions, making the process intuitive and accessible to all.

Perform remote inspections

It allows remote inspections and verifications, reducing the risk of dangerous situations.

Reduction of possible errors

Provides accurate instructions and data directly in the operator's field of view, reducing errors.
Visual technical assistance

Your fully customized remote assistance platform

beXFlow is a remote video assistance software that allows the exchange of information between operators in the field and technical assistance departments.

The options are endless: perform inspections, trainings, solve doubts and incidents in a safe environment, and more… As many functionalities as your company needs.

1. Immediate assistance

Resolves incidents quickly.

2. Precision and accuracy

Real-time data and instructions.

3. Hands-free at all times

Total freedom of movement.

Want to see how beXFlow can help you?

Fill out the form and we will show you, through a free demo, how beXFlow can help you reduce costs and time in the day to day running of your company.

Discover why BeXFlow is
NOT just another remote platform

Intuitive interface

beXFlow is extremely easy to use, with a very intuitive design and operation.

Gestures and voice

It allows for a more natural interaction, without relying on complicated controls.

Remote photography

It is possible to take photographs of the incident from the platform itself.

Integración total

beXFlow integrates with the tools used in your company (ERP).

Access to documents

It allows you to view manuals and other documents through the glasses.


beXFlow is compatible with all types of AR glasses, mobile phones and computers.

Recording of sessions

Attendance sessions can be recorded for later review and analysis.

Data protection

Protects information, data encryption and Blockchain certificate.

The best platform with the best glasses


Choose the plan that best suits your needs


99 /y
  • Benefit from our solutions permanently and for free.


99 /y
  • Simplify your daily processes in a simpler and more efficient way.


499 /y
  • Contact us to know the special conditions for companies.

Want to learn more about beXFlow?

Bexflow adapts to different industries and applications. We develop each platform completely customized to solve the specific problems of each company.

The number of glasses is unlimited. You can use as many as your company needs.

Of course, although it is a very simple and intuitive platform, we will give you training on how the platform works and its multiple applications.

We are always available to solve problems quickly and help optimize the use of the platform.

Of course, although it is a very simple and intuitive platform, we will give you training on how the platform works and its multiple applications.

Yes, personalization with company data is possible.

We develop constant improvements so that Bexflow is always up to date with the latest technologies and needs.

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